Jurnal Psikologi Pendidikan dan Sosial

10 Nov

Beberapa Jurnal tambahan nih untuk jurnal psikologi pendidikan dan psikologi sosial.  Beberapa dibawah ini adalah kumpulan-kumpulan jurnal yang bisa saya berikan kepada teman-teman:

1. Journal Gifted Child Quarterly. Specific Program Information: A Key to Attitudes About the Gifted Education Program. Trish Bransky. Gifted Child Quarterly 1987; 31;20 Download

2. Journal of Teacher Education. Evaluative Studies of Teacher Education. Douglas E. Scates, A.S. Barr and Arthur Singer. Journal of Teacher Education 1953; 4; 65 Download

3. Journal of Planning Literature. Quality of Life in the Planning Literature. J.-c. Dissart and Steven C. Deller. Journal of Planning Literature 2000; 15; 135 Download

4. Journal of Teacher Education. Developing Critical Mass: Teacher Education and Critical Inquiry Pedagogy. Bob Fecho. Journal of Teacher Education 2000; 51; 194 Download

5. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. Personality and Social Group Value Determinants of out-group Bias: A cross-National Comparison of gough’s Pr/To Scale. Edward Dunbar, Jose L. Saiz, Karina Stela and Rene Saez. Journal of Cross-cultural psychology 2000; 31; 267 Download

6. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences. Methodological Implications of Grouping Latino Adolescents into One Collective Ethnic Group. Adriana J. Umana-Taylor and Mark A. Fine. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 2001; 23; 347  Download

Bagi yang ingin mencari lebih bisa klik di menu Jurnal Psikologi atau artikel jurnal psikologi sebelumnya

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